Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)

Week 15

I had my last counselling session this week for my anxiety I wouldn’t go as far as saying my feelings of anxiety have completely disappeared but I do feel more in control. My counsellor advised I continue to use the techniques she provided me with to manage my anxiety episodes when they occur. I felt quite confident about this as they have worked in the past. Just to recap here is what she suggested I do:
– breathing techniques
– meditation
– counting to 10 slowly
– exercise
– eat a well-balanced diet

There are many other techniques if none of the above work for you – there’s no harm in trying it’s a big step to take and there is support out there available to you. Please visit your doctor who can help with this. I also use this anxiety website which I have found to be a great coping tool.

Back in April’s blog (week 10) I said I spent time doing research for information about twin pregnancies and I couldn’t find an informative website devoted to twins – well I found one, or should I say my counsellor did. I discussed not being able to find a twins website for information and advice during pregnancy and she recommended a site called ‘Tamba’ who are based in the U.K. and provide information and advice for twins and multiple births. They don’t have an app but their website is tamba.
I have signed up to their weekly newsletter, they have an advice line you can call and provide different sessions you can attend (some chargeable) in different parts of the UK. There are lots of useful tips available for twins and multiples. Check it out!

For the first time I experienced Pelvic Girdle Pain (also know as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction – SPD). I’m sure there are plenty of pregnant women carrying one baby, twins or multiples who have experienced this agonising pain. Unfortunately for me I was on a plane with some girlfriends going to Prague for a few days (short pre-birthday trip). When we landed and I started walking down the stairs of the aircraft I felt the most excruciating pain in my pelvis area and nearly lost my balance. I had no idea what it was or where it came from – to be honest I was petrified. I actually had an anxiety attack because I thought I would have to go to hospital in Prague and didn’t want to do so in another country. When I got to my hotel I called my mother who works in a hospital and described the pain to her. She diagnosed it as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction Syndrome (SPD) which I researched online and knew I had it instantly when looking at the different images and reading the different symptoms. Doing the research and knowing what condition I had helped the anxiety go away. Also I remembered one of the tools to coping with anxiety which was to take big deep breathes to help you to relax. SPD is a very common condition in women which improves after child birth. Luckily the pain subsided some what and I was able to enjoy my short break.

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Married, school teacher, mumprenuer, expectant mum of twins, diagnosed with anxiety, loves baking, loves reading and enjoys spending time with never ending family that just keeps on growing😀

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