Anomaly Scan

Week 20

Panic mode again…..
I had my 20-week scan known as the anomaly scan, which takes a close look at your baby and your womb (uterus). The sonographer carrying out the scan will check that your baby is developing normally, and look at where your placenta is lying. This scan took quite a long time as the twins were being very active and wouldn’t keep still long enough to get the correct measurements. I also had an internal scan to check where my placentas were sitting. One placenta was high and the other very low which was blocking my cervix. The sonographer explained this will be monitored but if it doesn’t move by the time I’m ready to deliver I would have to have a C-section which is something I have discussed with my husband previously. I would prefer to give birth naturally if possible as C-sections can take a while to heal and I shudder the thought of being in pain whilst breastfeeding twins.

On arrival to the hospital for my scan I felt rather anxious as I found myself hoping and praying not to hear bad news. In actual fact I went into panic mode. My husband as usual always tries to reassure me that everything will be ok, which does help to calm me down a bit, but like any expectant mother you just want to hear everything is going ok regardless. I did try to use different anxiety strategies but I just wasn’t in the right framed of mind to do so during scan. Unfortunately sometimes this happens to me but I still feel I am in control of my feelings which is better than how I was feeling before counselling sessions started. Luckily after having both scans that took over 2 hours the sonographer said everything looks great. Once again, a huge sigh of relief and feeling as though a great weight had been lifted of my shoulders. I have inserted an image above of my twins which we received from the scan.

We also found out the gender of the twins. I wanted two boys or one of each and my husband wanted two girls. When I found out what we were having I told my sisters. The older one of the two thought it would be a nice idea to have a gender reveal party next month where the gender of twins would be revealed to our family and friends. Reveal parties are not very common in this country but are extremely popular in America which is where she got the idea from. It sounded fun and I needed some uplifting in my life so I decided to do some research online and on YouTube. The different videos were great they looked really  fun with so many different ideas of how to reveal a baby’s gender. Something exciting to look forward too.

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Married, school teacher, mumprenuer, expectant mum of twins, diagnosed with anxiety, loves baking, loves reading and enjoys spending time with never ending family that just keeps on growing😀

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