Pain And More Pain

Week 22

I was feeling rather down this week I still had the sharp stabbing pains in my groin area which I had when I first found out I was pregnant. In addition to this my lower back pain was getting worse the pain was becoming unbearable and I was finding it difficult to sleep and walk. And my right leg kept suddenly giving way which made me unbalanced and put pressure on my lower back and hip. The physiotherapy was working but as I put more weight on each week my pains became worse especially in my lower back and piriformis.

One good thing about this week was it was my last week at work for the summer holidays. A 6-week break was exactly what I needed so I could rest my body and reduce the amount of walking I was doing. Once again, I was advised to take paracetamol (pain relief tablets) by my doctor and midwife to help relieve aches and pains but refused to. Some people would think I’m just making myself suffer but I just didn’t feel comfortable taking medication whilst pregnant. I suppose it’s really to do with my anxiety and thinking something bad might happen to my twins if I take it.


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Married, school teacher, mumprenuer, expectant mum of twins, diagnosed with anxiety, loves baking, loves reading and enjoys spending time with never ending family that just keeps on growing😀

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