Week 36

I pride myself at being an organised individual I suppose that’s the school teacher element of my life that how now been embedded in me however, I haven’t mirrored this at home. It’s not because I haven’t had the time to do so I would say it’s more to do with being incapacitated due to my lack of mobility. I’m due to give birth by elective surgery next week Friday as my twins are breached and have been since week 26. Clearly they are very comfy in this position hence no movement to position themselves head down. 

Reflecting back on the day I found out I was pregnant seems like a lifetime ago I must say I’m rather proud with myself for lasting this long. I feel as though I’ve been pregnant for way too long – more than expected at least. In addition to this my anxiety has been under control by continuing to use the different techniques I was given by my therapist and I’m feeling more optimistic than usual.

Being the organised person I am I complied a list of things I need to do at home to ensure the smooth arrival of my twins when they come home. I’m now looking at my list and I have completed about 50% of it. When compiling my list I used Pinterest as a guide to help me. I knew what I needed at home but wasn’t sure if I needed to do anything in particular for the twins and realised I did. My mum and sister have also been a great help in advising what I need so I’m pretty confident my list will be completed in no time. 
Surprising news:

I had my 36 week scan at the end of this week and was surprised to be informed that one of my twins have changed position. I’m not even sure when this happened and have tried to recall any big movements she has made. So I have one twin still breached with feet facing down and the other twin head facing down. I wanted to give birth naturally but still can’t as one twin is still breached. The good news is they are both a healthy weight – 5.5lbs and 5.3lbs. Hopefully they grow a bit more before they are delivered next week. The bigger the better right??

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Married, school teacher, mumprenuer, expectant mum of twins, diagnosed with anxiety, loves baking, loves reading and enjoys spending time with never ending family that just keeps on growing😀

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