Twins Have arrived


6 weeks old 

Congratulations to me! I finally gave birth on Friday 3rd November to two beautiful girls who are truly a dream. They are 6 weeks old now hence no blogs from me for a few weeks – where has the time gone? They are growing beautifully and coming into their personality already. They are fraternal twins so don’t look a like although one looks like me as a baby and the other my husband.

So, I’ve named my girls La Belle and Lourdes which suits them perfectly. I had a cesarean as one of my twins were breached. When I approached the delivery room I was really excited. I thought I would be anxious but I wthe complete opposite I just couldn’t wait to meet them and rid all the heavy excess weight I had been carrying. As I’ve said in my previous blogs I had a number of physical problems which took its toll on my body so during my delivery I could actually feel the weight of water, two babies and two placentas fall off my body.

I spent 3 days in hospital before taking twins home. The first two weeks of their birth was extremely challenging I cried a lot as the lack of sleep was so hard to deal with; my anxiety was at its peak and I was struggling to cope. I must thank the Lord for small graces such as support from my family and friends couldn’t have survived without them.

I now continue my journey as wife, teacher, business woman and now, mother of twin daughters. I’m now looking forward to my fun packed exciting future.

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Married, school teacher, mumprenuer, expectant mum of twins, diagnosed with anxiety, loves baking, loves reading and enjoys spending time with never ending family that just keeps on growing😀

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