Growth Scan

Week 28

It’s September 1st and anxiety mode has kicked in again. This week as I had my 28-week scan (third trimester). I have tried to somewhat program myself not to think negative thought when I have scans but unfortunately, I failed miserably in this department. The 28-week scan is also known as the growth scan to check that your baby is growing normally. You will be checked for the following:

-stretches and flexes
-baby moves arms and legs frequently
-opens and closes their hands
-makes breathing movements

I was prepared for the length of time my scan would take as I’m having twins and each baby needs to be measured individually. I thought it was take 2 hours like the times before but this time only took 55 minute which made me feel less anxious.

The scan went really well and the twins are growing at the right speed one girl is bigger than the other by 2cm but nothing major to worry about. Once again, I left the scan feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders knowing my babies are ok.